Providence Water, although a department of the City of Providence, is regulated by state and federal agencies in addition to city policies and procedures. The quality of our treated drinking water is regulated by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Rhode Island Department of Health. Our revenue and rate structure is regulated by the Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission.

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Wildlife Projects

Fenner Timber Harvest and Wildlife Habitat Improvements

This recently completed project involved a number of different treatments across about 165 acres south of Central Pike and east of Trimtown Road. The former Fenner fields have been cut back and the cleared area enlarged to benefit wildlife species that require large patches of early-successional habitat (low, brushy vegetation). The above photos show the same sites during and after work completion and in different seasons. This portion of the project covers 21 acres and was planned in consultation with wildlife biologists from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the R.I. Department of Environmental Management. The harvest on 145 neighboring acres was carried out to improve growing conditions in oak-hardwood and oak-pine stands while creating gaps to promote regeneration of young trees on good growing sites.

Moswansicut Hayfields

Since 1991, Providence Water has owned and managed about 20 acres of hayfields located on the east side of West Greenville Road (Route 116) just north of the intersection with Peeptoad Road. Since 2012, these fields have been managed more for wildlife than hay production. The fields are mowed no more than once person season and only after August 15, when ground nesting birds are longer be present.