Petition for Filing a Claim

Please be advised all claims against the Providence Water Supply Board must be filed through the City of Providence City Clerk’s Office. Blank petitions can be downloaded below.  The original petition and signature are required for filing.


Please summarize the details, location, and damages of the incident in the petition, along with the amount of requested compensation. A detailed description of the incident must be written in the blank portion of the form, and the bottom portion of the form must be completed and signed. It is important to include an itemized breakdown of the compensation as well as copies of any paid bills, police reports, photos, and any other additional information to support your claim. If the petition is not completed in detail with a full description and signature, your submission will be returned to you.


For Property Damage, it is required that petitioners submit either two (2) certified estimates of the damage from licensed professionals (i.e. plumbers, contractors) and submit a license number with the petition for claim, or a copy of the repair bill from a licensed professional with license number, if the repair has been made.


It is the practice of the Providence Water Supply Board to recommend the denial of any claim unless there is a determination of negligence on the part of the Providence Water Supply Board. All claims pertaining to the Providence Water Supply Board are processed through the Office of the City Clerk for the City of Providence.


Please mail the petition to the following address:
City of Providence
Department of the City Clerk Providence City Hall – Room 311
25 Dorrance Street
Providence, RI 02903


If you have further questions, please contact the claims representative at, or by calling (401) 521-6300 x7175.

A copy of these instructions can be downloaded HERE.

Blank petitions can be downloaded below: 

Claim Form-Injury 
Claim Form- Damages

You may also file a Claim directly with the City of Providence by going HERE.