Effective dates

03/01/2015 - TBD


The work shall consist of the cleaning and cement lining of approximately 19,500 l.f. of existing 6", 8" and 12" cast-iron water mains; and the removal and replacement of appurtenances (valves, hydrants and services), including the replacement of existing lead water service lines with new copper water service lines and appurtenances within public space, and the associated permanent restoration of streets, sidewalks, and grassy areas, within the cranston-edgewood service area of the providence water supply board’s distribution system.

Streets Affected

  • Warwick Ave
  • Broad St
  • Park Ave
  • Ferncrest Ave
  • Moorland Ave
  • Bowen St
  • Malvern Ave
  • Sylvan Ave
  • Harding Ave
  • River St
  • Bow St
  • Milton Ave
  • Williams Ave
  • Alhambra Cir
  • Doyleston Dr
  • Kneeland St
  • Tucker Ave
  • Parkway Ave
  • Commercial St
  • Sheldon St
  • George St
  • Springwood St
  • Aborn St