What to expect if a main break happens in your area:

Temporary loss of water pressure or supply.

Road closings, detours, work crews in area.

Possible property damage.

Discolored water may occur following repairs.

After completion of work there could be air temporarily in your water pipes.


What to do during a leak situation:

Draw a supply of water, if possible, to have if needed while repairs are being made.

Close the house side of the water meter valve.

Contact the Dispatch Office at (401) 521-6300, Option 1 for additional information.


How to prevent frozen pipes:

Have the water shut off to vacant areas.  If the water needs to remain on, the area should be kept warm.

If going on vacation or leaving the house/business for a long period of time, if it recommended to keep a faucet on a very low rate of flow and a reasonable temperature set throughout the area.

Water pipes in drafty areas should be wrapped and insulated.


What to do if you experience having no water:

Homeowners should go to their water meter and make sure that both valves on either side of the meter are completely open.

Tenants should contact their landlord first and check to see if there is any reason for having no water.  Additionally, if accessible, check to see if the valve on the water line supplying water to your unit is completely open.

In the event that you still have no water and your valves are all open, then you can contact the Dispatch Office for further assistance.


In the event of any leaks or emergencies contact:

Dispatch Office:  (401)-521-6300 Option 1