To find out if your home currently has a utility-owned public lead service line, simply click on the following link to look up your home's address or call us at (401) 575-0776.


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Of Providence Water's approximately 77,000 customers, 11,000 have a lead service from the utility. Please call us at (401) 575-0776 to see if your address has lead service. There are several things you can do on your own to check to see if you have a lead service coming into your home:

  • Locate your service pipe at the meter. Scratch the service line with a coin. If you have a lead service line, the pipe will be a dull gray color.
  • Try attaching a magnet to your service line. A magnet will not stick to a lead pipe.

Prior to 1940, lead was commonly used in the manufacture and installation of water service pipes.  Some of our utility-owned public service lines in our systems are made of lead. If too much lead enters your body, it can pose significant health risks, especially to children.