The drinking water that leaves the treatment plant in Scituate and is distributed through the Providence Water system does not contain lead.  Over the last 15 years, we have spent approximately $76M replacing public-side lead services.  We have also made changes to the water treatment process to make the water less corrosive in an effort to reduce lead levels in some homes.


Providence Water takes a multi-pronged approach to reduce the amount of lead at a customer's tap:

Lead Service Line Replacement 

Corrosion Control

Flushing Program

Public Education and Outreach 

Water Main Rehabilitation


Lead Service Line Replacement

Thanks to federal grant and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding, Providence Water customers may be eligible for free private side lead service replacements. Customers are encouraged to call our Water Quality Hotline (401) 521-6303 for more information. Eligible customers are also encouraged to promptly return Right of Entry forms to allow Providence Water contractors access to complete private side lead replacement work in their homes.


Our current practice for lead service line replacement

Providence Water has stopped conducting partial lead service line replacements (LSLR) unless an emergency LSLR is needed. Emergency LSLRs are required when the normal supply of clean water to a customer’s home is disrupted, and we cannot obtain homeowner permission to conduct a full LSLR (private and public side replacement). In this case, Providence Water will replace the public side lead service line only.


Providence Water has a robust public outreach program with the goal of educating our customers about lead service lines and what to expect when they are removed. 


Prior to all LSLRs (partial or full), Providence Water mails notification letters to both the property owner (for consent) and the resident (for awareness). Included within these letters are the following informational documents:


•    Lead Service Line Ownership Diagram 
•    Frequently Asked Questions about lead service line replacements 
•    How Can I Reduce Lead in My Drinking Water? 
•    Should I Replace My Lead Service Line? 
•    What Should I Expect After Construction?


Property Owners are also provided with either:

•    Right of Entry Form allowing access to the property for a private side LSLR (for those customers that currently qualify for a free LSLR), or 
•    10-year 0% Interest Loan Program Agreement


Following an LSLR (partial or full), you will see a TEMPORARY increase in lead at your tap for up to 6 months. Providence Water provides the following services to help our customers during this time:

•    How Can I Reduce Lead in My Drinking Water? 
•    What Should I Expect After Construction?
•    Free water pitcher with a 6-month supply of filters that are certified to remove lead 
•    Instructions on how to flush your household plumbing 
•    Water sample instructions and form 
•    Free lead testing 


Please call our Water Quality Hotline at 401-521-6303 or to learn more about Providence Water’s Lead Service Line Replacement Program.