The Water Supply division is responsible for the collection and storage of raw water; treatment and transmission of potable water; and quality control of the final product within the Providence Water system.  The mission of the Water Supply division is to ensure that the water is treated, tested, and readied for distribution in adequate quantity to satisfy demand while meeting all health and safety related standards and regulations as mandated by the State of Rhode Island and established by the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act, and to maintain the good tasting quality that our water consumers have come to expect and enjoy.

This mission is accomplished through the following functional areas:

Administration - Responsible for special administrative aspects relating to water quality, such as water conservation, emergency planning, and regulatory coordination.

Watershed Operations - Responsible for forest management, watershed protection, land management and dam operations as a means of assuring adequate water storage and ensuring the high water quality standards of the source of supply.

Plant Operations - Responsible for central control board and treatment operations and preventative maintenance of vehicles, equipment and machinery at the purification plant and remote facilities as a means of assuring the smooth operation of water production and transmission.

Treatment Operations - Responsible for day-to-day quality assurance of potable water production and plant operations as pertaining to regulatory compliance, hazardous waste disposal, Right-to-Know and Sara Title III and security operations.

Laboratory Operations - Responsible for the administration of a water quality monitoring and compliance reporting program in accordance with Safe Drinking Water Act regulations to ensure a safe and potable water supply for all our consumers.